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All images, graphic elements, texts, designs and scripts on this site are copyrighted by Florian K. (in the follow­ing called author). The copyright also remains valid if the author uses this ma­terial otherwise. Downloading and/or adapting this material does not give any other person any rights on it. If this site uses material not created by the author, the respective creators/owners of this material are mentioned or the material was taken from the public domain.


site author: Florian K.
country: Germany
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Right of use

Images displayed on this site can be downloaded and used for personal use only or for the purpose of educating. You are not allowed to use these images commercially or to alter/adapt them. Personal and educational use is only allowed if the images are tagged with the full refe­rence, source and credits of/to the au­thor and this site, only if these ima­ges are not displayed in any public way and only if the images are not reproduced and shared. All images use a low reso­lution. If you want to use images in higher resolution please contact the author (Florian K.). Please note that some images are totally excluded from any use (even from per­sonal and edu­cational). Please contact the author for additional information. Any com­mercial use, adaptation or alter­nation of images or texts of this site is prohibited, unless the author gives his consent in written form. You are not allowed to use or display parts of this website or the whole website on another web page. You are not allowed to down­load and use the design of this site or its scripts.

On 05-12-1998 the district court of Hamburg enacted the law »Haftung für Links« (Responsibility For Links) that makes the author of a website partially responsible for the content of other/ex­ternal sites he/she links to. I (Florian K.) dissociate from the content of exter­nal sites I linked to. Before establishing a link I checked the linked site to exclude any violation of rights on it. It is impos­sible to check every linked site perma­nently to exclude later violations of rights – Because of that, every user is personally responsible for the use of links on this site targeting external sites. Responsible for the display of ads on this site is webme. I assume no liability for correctness of given information and the full capability of any material. This site was created with Homepage-Baukasten.


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